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Welcome to our humble abode for printed scarves, where you will be able to get the best in scarves that are matched with quality printing. It does not matter to us if you are looking to brandish a pirate look with our bandana, or that you are looking to make a scarf to suit daily use to the office. We have all the necessary amenities to make your personalized look come to life! There is no minimum so you can create one scarf for yourself or many for a promotional event with your logo. 

As you glance through our website, you will notice that the products we offer range from scarves, lightweight scarves as well as bandanas. These items are made to cater both men and women, whilst being fashionable. Take for example the versatile bandana; it can be worn over the head or neck in a number of ways. The bandana’s fabric is made up of a mixed combination of polyester and cotton, and is available in the colors white, red and black. The scarves can act as mufflers or headbands without knitting a fleece version.

Once you have selected a personalized scarf to work with, you can select the kind of print you would want to apply on it. The first in our list is digital printing. This kind of print is ideal for someone who is looking to create a high resolution finish, as a digital print is the best selection for pictures and colorful graphics. Flock prints, on the other hand, are essentially plot prints that have been given a velvety finish. It is highly durable and able to support up to three color combinations for each design chosen. Next in line is the standard flex print. Apart from sharing the same durability and color numeric as a flock print, it has a slightly shiny surface and is smooth to the touch. Special flex prints, on the other hand, are able to give a smoth and glistening surface exterior. It is however able to support a single color choice for the design chosen.

Moving on to the topic of photo uploads, we are pleased to let you know that our interactive scarf maker can support file sizes that are right up to ten megabytes. It is also able to cater for high resolution images, that can run between the range as tiny as 50 by 50 pixels or as gigantic as 4000 by 4000 pixels. We do, however, advise our customers to exercise caution when it comes to the image being used on the polo shirts. It is highly advisable to ensure that the photo or image used is rightfully owned by you. Should that not be the case, please procure the necessary endorsements from its rightful owner before using the said image on our webpage. This is just so as to ensure that your rights are guarded and protected well while you are doing business with our company.


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